In 2005 the Kailash Bodhi School was established with the consent of the Maoist fighters. The civil war in Nepal was nearing an end and permission was given to open the school on the condition it took Dalit or untouchable caste children.

The parents of these children are extremely poor. They are illiterate and their culture is based on a set of primitive beliefs. Both child marriage and child labour are common in these communities. It will be the children of these families that will change the way these people live. They will understand the value of educating their daughters, they will learn about the benefits of western doctors and medicine bringing an end to the physical and mental suffering they currently endure.

Jumla is on the cusp of change and KBS Jumla is playing its part as we support the Dalit community in the Talchaur and Kulal Bada Dalit villages ensuring these people can take their rightful place in the community.